April 21, 2018

Does Recycling Make a Difference?

To Recycle or Not to Recycle?

by: Arlene Castro

Recycle Bins

That is the question my daughter recently asked me. Do you really think that recycling makes a difference? Of course, my reply was, Yes! It only makes sense to me. But then I got to thinking about it and wanted to ...

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June 21, 2017

Garage Sale Tips

Great Tips to Help Make Your Garage Sale Easy and Profitable

Offered by: iGo Realty 


Holding a yard sale is an ideal way to rid your house of clutter and get it ready to sell—plus pick up some cash for things you’re not using anyway.  And although a yard ...

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May 9, 2017

Reasons Why You Should Recycle

The Top 5 Reasons To Recycle ~  

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Recycling is a big part of what we do in America. It’s a way of life. Recycling contributes to a better society. Most of the reasons we recycle are justified by the positive results that can be seen immediately ...

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