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"We met Arlene at a housewarming for a friend who was her client. We were looking to buy a house and after talking to her knew that she would be better than the realtor we had so we called her the next morning. We found a house and Arlene was great through the entire process. Four years later, we called her to help us sell our house. She told us the things we needed to do to get full-asking. We did those things and our house sold in a week! Arlene is an excellent real estate agent! She is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and understands that buying and selling a home is very personal. We highly recommend Arlene!"

- Joycelyn Benton

Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2016 in Fort Logan, Denver, CO.


"Jean is the most amazing and wonderful realtor I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with and hearing about. She knew exactly how to do everything and helped with the entire process. I wish everything in life could be as easy as what Jean made this!"

- M. Stickel

Bought and sold a home in 2017 in Thornton, CO


"Geoff was a superstar when it came to selling our home.  We were very nervous as we have never sold a home before and Geoff made us feel at ease.  He gave us recommendations on what we should focus when preparing to sell, we took his advise, and we were blown away with the price we went under   contract for!  We sold for over asking price and couldn't have been any happier.  This allowed us to buy our dream home.  Geoff is very detail oriented and has extensive knowledge of our neighborhood, which gave us a leg up over the competition.  We really liked how he marketed our home with amazing pictures, especially the aerial views taken with his drone camera.  We had seen his signs and his name had come up several times throughout the neighborhood over the last few years, so we had great confidence that he would take care of us.  He negotiated the sale with precision and followed through on all of his promises.  We will definitely use him for our next sale, or purchase!"

- Christy Bebout

Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Gateway - Green Valley Ranch, Denver, CO.

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